Spring Banquet Postponed

The FVOA Board of Directors have discussed the current situation with the Covid 19 pandemic. It is of utmost importance that we act responsibly in the best interest of everyone’s health and welfare. 

We regret to inform all of you the FVOA Banquet will be postponed at this time due to the fluidity of the coronavirus. We wish to congratulate all of the members for a great season and post season assignments. We will update you if the banquet is rescheduled for later this year. In the meantime, please take care of your heath in preparation for another great year for the FVOA team.

As a public service announcement: Wash your hands frequently and see a doctor if you are sick. 
Anyone who paid their banquet registration fee via PayPal will receive a refund via PayPal.  This may take a few days for us, but we will refund everyone’s money.  If you mailed Pat a check, he will shred the check.  We plan on continuing the tradition of hosting a spring banquet.  We will always plan on the banquet being the Wednesday following the boys 3/4A boys state finals.  Next year that date is St Patrick’s day.  We may adjust next year based on the venue’s ability.

We will also like to recognize 5 members in the group who received Super-sectional and State Final assignments.  Chris Gilbert worked his second girls 3A super-sectional this season.  Rich Parsons, Tom Cordogan, Bob Issel and Bill Oostdyk received boys 3/4A super-sectional and state final assignments.  We know the guys were very disappointed the boys tournament was cancelled, but this is still quite an accomplishment for our group.

The FVOA Board of Directors

Four FVOA Members Assigned to Boys 3A/4A Super Sectionals - One to the State Finals

The Fox Valley Officials Association is proud to announce four members were assigned to work Boys 3A/4A Super-Sectional Games and one received a downstate assignment.

Here are the members and their assignments:

Bill Oostdyk.




Bill Oostdyk

3A Super Sectional Joliet (Central),
3A Semi-Finals, 4A Championship

Rich Parsons.



Rich Parsons

4A Super Sectional Evanston
(Northwestern University)

Bob Issel.



Bob Issel

4A Super Sectional Evanston
(Northwestern University)

Tom Cordogan.




Tom Cordogan

3A Super Sectional Sears Centre


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